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Full text of "Deed, Israel and Oliver Graves to Samuel Partridge, 1761"

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KNOW all Men by thefe Prefeiits, rhat MC\_ 

In Confi^'eration of ^nZnA^ O-Pu./l^tt^W/^ -— ^_^ 

Lawful Money Tpiid ^t'J by k/^i t ijl^O px^lfTyLi •.,.t/\^%-/mh £^]Li>.-^ 

^^./> j (i I r 

The R-Teipt whereof K^1i -^ do hereby .acknowledge, do hereby give, 

grant, fell and convey to the faid Jctin-itt-C \Jc^-i^.T&i^y^^--'i /■ 

f. Heirs, 


(^ p^hjf'kiAj Ot H'O 


\J/^ry^!UCk rTTfA'^ (L '^'/i t / 

^To Have and to Hold, the fame to the faid 

liA do Covenant with the faid ^ 4 ,,,,^U x/L-^iih ^^ 

Heirs, to n^^ <44- /Kcx^--^-) ufg g^d BehooAforesJer, 




Heirs and Afllgns, That %l^0^xj^ lawfully fcized in Fee of the Premifes. 

That they are ir<-e of all Inrumbrances, That COiLyf js^ have good R;ght to Icll 

and convey the fame to the faid t '^< /n>:,t i h-^. i ^'i ^jl 

-/,f/^ . to hold as afortfaid, 

And thaf / I' ^ will warrant and defend the fame tp the faid « 'a //;.^-..-/6^,i.^2L^gJ 

Heirs andU^ffigna forever, againft the lawful Claims and Demands of all Perfbns. 

/// ^ O / -J • •^